State Sponsored Skilled Migration Subclass 489 and 190

Due to popular demand, Tasmanian Department of State Growth is now taking up to 3 months to finalise Tasmanian state nomination applications for SC190 and 489. They have also ceased granting of any request for priority processing and hence applications will be assessed on a first in first out basis within the timeframe.

This now means that applicants will need to plan well ahead and be prepared for any impacts this might have in relation to the timing of receiving an invitation to apply for a visa, especially for those who are of crucial age, or have documentation validity issues that are time sensitive.

The extended processing time has been received as an indication of the selection process becoming more competitive. It is not farfetched to think that the State Government would be in the process of putting further policies in place to thoroughly assess applications.

We’ve advised many eligible applicants for pathways through Tasmanian State Government sponsorship. Whilst we do so, it is always urged that time is of essence and any advise is only based on the current regulation, policies and selection criteria. So if you have an option to move forward with a visa process, please make sure you take the right steps forward asap.

At Infinite migration Australia, we have helped many skilled migrants with complex cases. We can help you identify the best pathway from eligibility assessment stage throughout to application lodgement and finalisation.

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